Here is a picture of one of my radio stations in my basement:

This is the most powerful radio station of the many in my basement, which I built myself.

For the technically minded, here is the low down on the transmitter.  (For newcomers to radio, click on my RADIOS link at the top of this page).
Right now, there are two 812A triodes in push pull in the final amplifier, running 350 watts d.c. input (1250 volts x 0.28 amperes).
RF carrier power output is about 260 watts into a 600 ohm open wire feeder system and a 66 foot long horizontal hertz antenna in my backyard.  I live in the city, so that was quite a feat to install.  The transmitter will be updated in the future to either a pair of 810 or 100TH triodes, running at 1000 watts d.c. input (2500 volts x  0.4 amperes).  The transmitter is high level AM plated modulated.

The final amplifier is plate modulated through a Thordarson T-21M65 modulation transformer.  The modulator is a pair of 810 triodes producing 500 watts of sinewave audio output (2000 volts x 0.42 amperes d.c. input, class B), enough to modulate the 812A amplifier to +169% on the positive peaks - a very loud sounding signal!  It is also high fidelity.  This same modulator would modulate a 1000 watt transmitter to +100%, giving power inputs of 4,000 watts on modulation peaks.

I only have plug in coils for the amplifer for 40 meters, so I only use this station on 7295 kHz at this time.  If you have a shortwave radio receiver, try tuning in to that frequency to hear me or many other amateurs who love to talk with AM radio from their homes or even vehicles from all around North America and even around the world.  Radio is  like the internet - only no computer and no phone line/cable line are needed!  You only need an antenna to send out the invisible radio waves and to pick them up - and that can just be a simple piece of wire!  It is also very easy to build a simple radio that actually works and can transmit to and receive from any place around the world when atmospheric conditions are right.

I built a radio station so small, it can be taken with me in a canoe to talk to people around the world from the wilderness.  There is something about building a radio yourself  that gives one pleasure in communicating with other people you've never met before using invisible radio waves (similar to the ever-growing circle of waves in a pond of water when a stone is thrown in).  This is different from going out and buying a cell phone for instance and having to pay money for calling someone you know.
RADIO is so unique and FUN!

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