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Hi, my name is Boris and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
I am a scientist and engineer in electromagnetic wave physics and radio electronics.  Some of my radios end up in cars, trains, and ships.

I am an amateur radio operator and build my own radio transmitters and receivers to talk to people around the world with on morse code and AM voice.  I also enjoy many other hobbies such as photography, playing piano and keyboard, writing poetry, sailing, hiking, canoeing, walking along a starlit beach or through an enchanted forest.

I love nature and watching weather changes.

My favourite author is L.M. Montgomery, and my favourite place to visit is Prince Edward Island.
P.S.  My radio station call letters areVE3IKU

Thanks for visiting RADIOS.  Have a great day!  Hopefully I will find time to add many more things here.


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