The first modern Formula 1 race car
and F1's greatest engine ever:

Chris Amon
Chris Amon in March-Ford 701 Formula 1 race car (#28) at Monte Carlo, Grand Prix of Monaco, 10 May, 1970.
He did not finish the race, rear suspension broke at lap 61. 
This is one of  the nicest looking formula 1 cars of the 1970's era.  Note the Firestone tires...
Engine is the ubiquitous Ford-Cosworth DFV all-aluminum fuel injected 400+ h.p. 3.0L that many racing teams started using in their cars.
March Racing Ltd. had STP as their sponsor, but ran their cars on a shoestring budget. 
They only won one race in their 14 year presence - and ironically that was at the very beginning of their very 1st year (Jackie Stewart in Spain Grand Prix, 19 April, 1970.)
The 400+ horsepower Ford-Cosworth DFV engine, 32 valves, 4 camshafts, Lucas 12V transistor ignition, Lucas fuel injection, 182.6 cu. in. displacement (2.993 litres).  A formidable engine that even 30 years later, in modified form, still wins Formula 1 races.