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Daniel 1:4 - "Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science."

I know a lot about Einstein's theory of relativity and the unified field theory.  The unified field theory contains the most advanced mathematics and physics in the entire world.  Only about a hundred scientists really understand it.  It contains calculus, non-linear equations, and sets of vector equations called tensors.  But what is most fascinating is that it reveals deep, deep secrets about the universe.  The implications of the theory are both very scary and very wonderful.

It contains answers to thoughts which troubled Lucy Maud Montgomery (see her journal entries for Feb. 11, 1910 -- the last two paragraphs, and Feb. 3, 1920). 

Now I'm going to tell you all about Einstein's theory of relativity and the unified field theory.

1.  There are only 2 things that exist:  ENERGY and MATTER.  (Ed. note - in the physical realm). Actually, matter is simply high density energy.  You can't put your hand through a solid like steel not because it is a solid, but because the energy field is just too high.  Under an x-ray diffraction microscope, solids appear as wavy mists of energy.  There is nothing "solid" about a solid at all!  The physics describing all of this is called QUANTUM MECHANICS.  Low density energy is pure energy like electromagnetic radiation:  light, heat, radio waves, x-rays, cosmic rays, etc.  Other pure energy is found in the movement of objects in gravity fields (potential energy = mgh, kinetic energy = 1/2 mv2), in electric fields (E=1/2 CV2), in magnetic fields (E=1/2 LI2), in sound waves, etc. 2.  Einstein proved that energy and matter are really the same thing through the equation E=mc2, where c is the speed of light waves = 300,000,000 meters per second = 3x108 m/s.  So c2 = 9x1016.  This means 1 kg of matter can be converted into 9x1016 joules of energy.  In an atomic bomb or nuclear power plant, only a very small portion of uranium-235 or plutonium gets converted into energy through the process of nuclear fission; the remaining matter becomes dangerous radioactive dust.  Even so, there is enough energy created to destroy an entire city.  A hydrogen bomb is completely different.  It contains a regular atomic bomb plus tritium (heavy hydrogen isotope).  The energy of the atomic bomb part causes almost all of the tritium to get converted to pure energy through the process of nuclear fusion, similar to the sun.  In 1952 such a bomb boiled away an entire island in the Pacific.  This is extremely frightening.  Slowly controlled fusion is what we need to supply our energy needs.
3.  All energy and matter in the universe is held in a "container" of space and time.  Our space has 3 dimensions -- length, width, and height.  Our time has only 1/2 of a dimension -- you can only go forward in one direction from past to present to future.  You can't go backwards in time.

4.  Einstein's theory of relativity says that the SIZE of space and the RATE at which time passes depends on how fast you are moving.  The faster you travel the smaller space becomes, and the slower time elapses compared with someone who is not moving or moving slower than you.  Here is the relativity equation for time dilation:

               YOUR TIME = __________________  x MY TIME
                                           \/    1 -  v2 / c2

               where v is my speed, relative to yours.

For example, suppose you stay on earth, while I travel away from the earth at a speed of 299,999,999 meters per second for 2 weeks, and then I turn around and come back at the same speed for 2 more weeks for a total trip time of 1 month, as read on my watch.  Your watch will show:

               ________________________ x 1 month = 12,247 months = 1020 years!
                  /          (299,999,999)2
                 /   1 -   ____________
               \/            (300,000,000)2

One thing is for sure -- you won't be alive anymore while I'll be only 1 month older!  What happened?  Well, as I left the earth at close to the speed of light waves you would have seen me slow down until I was barely moving for the rest of your life.  I, on the other hand, would have seen changes on the earth at lightning speed, civilizations going and coming, 1020 years worth of changes all in 1 month of my time rate!

The next time your teachers say distance = velocity x time or d = v x t, tell them that is not true! It is approximately true for slow speeds, but completely wrong for speeds approaching the speed of light.  Distance shrinks as you travel faster, compared to someone measuring the same distance at a slower speed:
              d =    /  1 -  v2 / c2 x  v  x  t     is the correct equation.

Example 1: 

You travel at speed v = 100 km/hr for a time t = 1 hr.  How far did you travel?

  Using  d = v x t = 100 km/hr x 1 hr = 100 km.
  Using  d =    /  1 -  v2 / c2       x  v  x  t 
                =   /  1 -  (100 km/hr)2 / (300,000,000 m/s)2       x  100 km/hr  x  1 hr

                = 100 km

You get the same answer, since 100 km/hr is a SLOW speed.

Example 2:

  You travel at a speed v = 200,000,000 m/s for time t = 1 second.  How far did you travel?

  Using  d = v x t = 200,000,000 m/s x 1 second = 200,000,000 m.     THIS ANSWER IS WRONG!
  Using  d =    /  1 -  v2 / c2       x  v  x  t 
                =   /  1 -  (200,000,000 m/s)2 / (300,000,000 m/s)2       x  200,000,000 m/s   x  1 s

               = 149,071,198 metersIt's shorter!

If two people started from the same spot, one travelling at 200,000,000 m/s for 1 second, and the other at 1 m/s for 200,000,000 seconds, both would reach the same destination, but the distances for each would be different!
This is the essence of relativity.  The only absolute thing is the speed of light.

5.  There are 4 forces that affect energy and matter in the universe.  They are fields.  A "field" is simply a fancy name for "interaction between 2 or more objects".

Here are the 4 forces:

     1.  gravity
     2.  electromagnetism
     3.  strong nuclear (proton-proton binding in atoms)
     4.  weak nuclear (neutron interactions)

6.  The unified field theory is a huge set of equations that describe energy, matter, the 4 force fields, space, and time.  It describes EVERYTHING that exists and happens in the universe.  The most powerful supercomputers in the world are being used to solve these equations. 

There is a problem though.  The unified field theory equations are incomplete -- they are missing some parts.  There are rumors that Einstein had the complete set of equations, but he destroyed them because he felt the information was too dangerous.  Why?  Back in World War II, the U.S. government employed Einstein and other scientists (Ed. note - notably the mathematician Dr. Von Neumann) to come up with super weapons for winning the war.  One of these projects, project "Manhattan" used E=mc2 to create the atomic bomb.  Another project called "Rainbow" was based on the unified field theory and attempted to make navy ships invisible by creating magnetic fields of such enormous strength that the space surrounding the ships would be changed and so make the ship "disappear".  Apparently the experiment was a disaster -- space and time being twisted so uncontrollably that many people who participated died, being trapped within the steel structures of the ship - even reports that the ship re-appeared somewhere else a hundred miles away for a few minutes.  The scientists were so frightened, this project was immediately cancelled, and the whole thing hushed up in military secrecy.  This experiment is also referred to as the "Philadelphia Experiment" because it allegedly took place in a military harbor in Philadelphia, PA.  Whether all of this is true or not, I can see why Einstein felt we were not ready for such incompetent tampering with space and time.

7.  In 1990, the unified field theory equations were partially solved for the first time. (Ed. note - supercomputer at CERN labs in Switzerland).

Scientists were interested to see what the universe looked like at its creation.  They got down to time = 1x10-40 seconds from creation.  This is awfully close to zero time!  What they found is truly astonishing:


The implications of these results are known only to about a hundred people in the world.  Now, you  will be the 101st.

SECRET #1:  Just after creation, the universe began to expand rapidly, the 4 force fields developed, and the 11 dimensions of space collapsed down to 3.  The 2 or more time dimensions collapsed down to 1/2, effectively trapping us.  For if we had access to a full time dimension, we could go back to the creation time and change our universe, everything that happened in the past, and everything that will happen in the future.  The unified field theory gives us a glimpse of what it was like right at creation, and how we were put in a "container" just after creation, from which we can't possibly escape.
SECRET #2:  Pretend this sheet of paper is a 2-dimensional universe in which people live.  These "flat" people can only move, see, and hear up and down, and left and right, on this sheet.  They can't see you, because you are hiding in another dimension, the 3rd, above this sheet of paper.  These people might conclude you don't exist because they can't see you.  Yet you do exist, and you can see all of them.  You are close to them - very close if you hold your hand just above the paper.  If you touch the paper somewhere with your finger, what would these people see?  What if you used two fingers?  Only a few people would see you, and they would see only a very tiny part of you.  You or any objects you brought with you to the surface of the sheet would appear suddenly from nowhere, right in front of them.  Your appearance would "defy science", as they perceive it normally should be in their 2-D world.

Now imagine something in 11 dimensions looking at us in our 3-D universe.  It would be able to see all, yet remain hidden.  It could perform seemingly impossible tasks in our 3 dimensions, and make its appearance known to some.  Travelling at speeds close to the speed of light, it would never seem to age over the billions of years of our history.  Distances for it would be shortened to almost zero length, so that it could travel between opposite corners of the universe instantly

11-D space makes our 3-D perception of a straight line actually curved.  If you travel out in space in a "perfect" straight line you will eventually come back to where you started -- just like a seemingly "flat" 2-D earth is really a 3-D sphere.  There are no "walls" at then ends of the universe!  (Ghosts, U.F.O.'s, and other paranormal activities are a result of certain "things" having temporary access to our 3-D -- they are normally detected and forced back to the other 8-D, so we need not fear them.)

(Ed. note - keep in mind that everything we observe and calculate and test through the unified field theory using physics, mathematics, and science, is a part of creation and is contained within it, therefore science is a subset of creation, is subject to it, and can never contradict it).

SECRET #3:  Imagine a "sheet" or plane of time formed by 2 perpendicular time dimensions:

Next, imagine yourself right now in the present in time 1.  Something free to move in 2 dimensional time can listen to your complaints and wishes right now.  It can see what is happening to you, if you are in danger, etc.  Then it can travel along time 2 perpendicular to time 1 for as long as it needed to, to do things for you, if it so desired.  It can take all the time it wanted to in time 2, a million years if necessary, without a single microsecond passing in our time, time 1.  Then it can return and be ready for another person in the next instant from now.  In that way, it could listen to and do things for 6 billion people at practically the same time, taking all the time it needed for each single person, without ever missing anything.  It could even go backwards or forwards in time 1, while using time 2 to see what would eventually happen to you if it did something now.  It would know the future, and it could change the future.  A 2-D plane of time gives it infinite powers:  It can do an infinite number of things all at essentially the same time, without taking up any time!  It can also know and change the future.  I sure wish I had access to a plane of time!

SECRET #4:  Imagine a 3rd time dimension perpendicular to the plane of time, and intersecting it at some point in time:

The 3rd time dimension allows something to exist before our time itself is created.  In the 3rd time dimension, this something can exist forever in the past and forever in the future, while having an infinite amount of time to create our time.  The 3rd time dimension gives it the ability to create the plane of time plus additional space dimensions, increasing them from 8 to 11.  This gives it everything it needs to create and control a universe.  The fact that our universe was created at time = zero does not contradict the existence of a creator before such space and time were created. 

(Ed. note - the atheist's implication "where was God before creation?" clearly becomes nonsense when the unified field theory is understood.  If God is real, then all science, since it was created and invoked by God, must support the attributes, or "fingerprint" of God...and the unified field theory does precisely this.  See Fingerprint of God by astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross). 

Secrets #2, #3, and #4 give this something eternal existence, power to create space and time, infinite power to move through space and time, and the ability to do an infinite number of things at the same time.  The unified field theory shows that something that has access to 11-D space and a minimum of 2-D time dimensions has UNLIMITED POWER.  This is OMNIPOTENCE.

SECRET #5:  The unified field theory includes all the laws of physics.  The entire universe is changing to a state of disorder.  This is the law of ENTROPY, which is a part of physics called THERMODYNAMICS.

If you do nothing, your home will get dusty, the paint will crack and peel, eventually the whole house will fall down.  You never see the reverse happening -- dust gathering itself together and creating a beautiful house (that would happen in a negative entropy universe!).

Living things fight entropy constantly, but they use up energy in doing so.  Even to stay alive we have to find food.  In spite of our best efforts to keep our homes and cities working properly, it is a losing battle -- the universe as a whole is running down.  Eventually the sun will stop shining, and we will have zero energy.

The opposite of entropy is CREATION.  In our small way we can create things, temporarily at least, until entropy eventually destroys them.  But a real creator can indefinitely create true lasting things such as universes of space and time containing living things.

Scientists who don't know all about the unified field theory (yes -- there are many of them!) say that life forms EVOLVE into something new if they have enough time to adapt to changes in their environment, otherwise they die.  That may be true for small changes.  But to say a microbe evolved into a monkey, or a monkey evolved into a human is simply ignoring the facts of the unified field theory.  These scientists require the most ridiculous mathematical probabilities to prove evolution.  They say that given enough time, anything can be formed simply by accidental random chance (Ed. note - the chaos theory) including galaxies, solar systems, planets, continents, and living things.  They will have you believe that out of the dust of a volcano, someday, after trillions of years of shifting dust particles, you will find formed a complete working digital computer or an automobile -- presumably with instruction manuals!!  This is absurd.  The truth of the matter is digital computers and automobiles are deliberately thought of, designed, and manufactured by humans.  There is nothing random about it.  And it doesn't take trillions of years, either.  Besides the universe is only 40 billion years old anyway.  These scientists are only thinking in terms of 3-D space and our 1/2-D time.  We must forgive their ignorance. 

Evolution of life forms in tiny stages over a very long time in a deliberately constant direction toward a permanent state of higher complexity violates the law of entropy.

In reality, different species of life forms exist with great gaps in complexity.  There are no species found halfway between monkeys and humans.  Over 100 species of animals are going extinct every single day.  There are no new species evolving to replace them.  The fossil record shows that the further back in time you look, the more numerous and diverse the life forms become.  Creation is over.  The unique birds found in the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific and in Antarctica, cited as proof of evolution, are not there because they evolved in isolation, but because they survived creation by being isolated temporarily from entropy.

There was a creation time for space and time itself, including all the matter and energy in the universe.  The unified field theory proves the EXISTENCE of a CREATOR who, long ago, deliberately designed and created, undetected, all the species of life forms.

SECRET #6:  There are 23 physical constants in the unified field theory.  They have to do with the strength of electric charge, mass of the electron, electromagnetic effects, strength of gravity, etc.  They are extremely sensitive parameters.

For example, the electric charge force is stronger than the force of gravity by 1040.  This means if there was just one extra electron or one less electron in the entire universe, the force of gravity and the electric field force would be unbalanced by 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times!!  How large is this imbalance?  Imagine the entire surface of the earth covered by 10-cent dimes placed side by side.  Then imagine adding layers of dimes until the height of dimes reached the moon!  That would be 1040 dimes.  Now add 1 penny to all those dimes -- that is enough to unbalance the preciseness of the electric charge force and gravity!

What would happen to the universe if this imbalance were allowed to happen?  Too much gravity would cause the galaxies to clump together too massively, forming elements that were heavy -- like iron.  Too little gravity would cause the galaxies to thin out with too little mass leaving predominantly light elements like hydrogen and helium.  Life would not be possible with either imbalance, since the right elements leading to the formation of amino acid proteins (nitrogen, carbon, oxygen) would not be present.

The electric charge / gravity ratio is only one of 23 such sensitive constants.  How is it that they all are exactly correct to make life possible?  For such extremely fine balancing to occur - there are certain physical things that must be extremely carefully accomplished.  One of them is the number of stars!

The exact amount of mass required in the universe to support life is found in the exact number of stars that exist -- not one less or more!  Something had to go to the trouble of creating all those trillions of stars just for us to be able to exist.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's incomprehension of this in her journal entry for Feb. 11, 1910 was not unusual at a time when no one knew of the unified field theory.  The vastness of space and the countless number of stars does not make us insignificant, but rather it magnifies our importance because the unified field theory equations prove we cannot exist with any fewer stars!

The distances the stars are separated from each other and the grouping and positions of galaxies, suns, and our planets must be exactly as they are in order for life to be created and sustained.  Such preciseness is required in so many ways that whatever created life exhibited extreme CARE and the willingness to do so demonstrates GOODNESS.  The unified field theory proves the existence of an OMNIPOTENT and GOOD creator.

L.M. Montgomery makes very serious errors in her deductions in her journal entry for Feb. 3, 1920.  But again, with thinking limited to 3-D space and 1/2-D time, they are natural errors to make.  Life cannot go on endlessly "in carnation after incarnation".  It had a beginning at time = zero.  It will have an end when the entropy process is complete.  Heaven and hell can be hidden from us very nicely in 11-D space.  Astronomers know that "black holes", which are really extremely dense neutron stars whose gravity field is so enormous that light itself cannot escape it, make an excellent home for anything and anyone you don't ever want to see again!  For evil to be conquered by good, is impossible in a positive entropy universe.  Finally, Montgomery's most serious error -- that goodness and omnipotence are contradictory -- is proved wrong by the unified field theory, which requires both at the same time for life to exist.

Bad things are deliberately allowed to happen to us so that we may hopefully learn something useful from them.

(Ed. note - The pessimism of Bertrand Russel's "human condition" completely overlooks the fact that there is a creator with a master plan we cannot even begin to comprehend.  Bad things are deliberately allowed to happen to us, not because we are alone and "doomed", but so that we may hopefully learn something useful from them while we exercise our free will.  Humans are in a fallen state...if everything went our own way perfectly, why would we even be inclined to need God?  It is in man's most desperate state, where he finally comes to realize his need for God.  The DNA genetic coding program in all living things is an amazing engineering work by God, yet we alone were built with the capability to have a direct personal relationship with the master creator of all things -- God himself.  Science, Engineering, Music, Art, Theatre...these are all creative gifts bestowed on us by the ultimate Creator. There is an innate desire to create that occasionally surpasses rational thought. Why would a rational person spend hours of time and diligent effort placing various colors on a canvas to create art?  How do you explain the initial melody which comes to a composer and eventually draws the composer to explore and develop the melody over days and months, working it out into the proper instrumentation and harmonization?  How do you justify the engineer, who spends years designing and perfecting an electronic circuit to transmit voice and music faithfully through space without wires across thousands of miles of land and ocean?  Or the scientist persevering to understand a law in physics mathematically?   The Answer is God the Creator, and man made in his likeness.  The Creator endows his creatures with the gift of creation....creativity).

And the reward in heaven?  Complete access to 11-D space and 2-D time that would give us unlimited power, immortality, and the ability to "time travel".  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

SECRET #7:  When the handful of American and British scientists who were working on the unified field theory first obtained these results -- secrets #1 through #6 -- they were very embarrassed.  Science is not supposed to talk about God, yet this is the very thing the unified field theory equations describe! 

I think it's really very funny.  They don't want to talk about it much.  What is strange is that the vast majority of scientists know nothing about the unified field theory.

Just like in your school not everyone gets nineties, so not all scientists are Einsteins, Newtons, or Teslas.  But now you know the secrets.  And I have many more secrets to tell you.

(Ed. note - the 3 men who were deliberately misled by deceit, and their teachings of error which are most unscientific, illogical, unsubstantiated, and in direct violation of the laws of physics of the unified field theory which describe the real universe, are still taught in universities today... Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud...they founded the godless world that inspired their followers. It is criminal that their errors are not exposed for what they are, misleading millions of young otherwise brilliant students.  Of course this is deliberate...).

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